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talent management.

Talent management involves attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining employees through a strategy that balances their professional and personal lives. The human resources of a company are its engine.

Currently, the labor world is very competitive, so it is essential to generate strategies to ensure the satisfaction of employees which will promote their permanence.

The human resources area of a company can identify the skills and competencies of each employee. Training your team will help you to improve their strengths and because of that, they will adapt to the demands of the environment, contributing to the goals of the company.

Therefore, we show you the following videos that will provide you with new ideas for your human talent management programs.

1. why do corporate diversity programs fail and how small changes can have a big impact?

DEI expert Joan C. Williams identifies five common patterns of bias that cause corporate diversity programs to fail and offers a data-driven approach to generating successful strategies.

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learn more about diversity programs.

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2. why might the best candidate not have the perfect resume?

Given a choice between a job candidate with a perfect resume and one who has struggled through hardship, always allow the one who grew up in adversity, the one who can persist in a changing workplace, says Regina Hartley in this video.

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"choose the underdog contender, whose secret weapons are passion and purpose."

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3. why is being respectful to your employees good for the company?

Do you want to advance your career? Start by being respectful to your coworkers, says researcher Christine Porath. In this science-backed talk, the researcher shares surprising insights into the costs of discourtesy and shows how small acts of respect can boost your career success and your company's bottom line.

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respect as a key to success.

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